Brian has an MSc from Brunel and is a retired Management Consultant and University Lecturer teaching Management and Architectural Drawing.

He looked at the Reverse Perspective Art (this dates back to the Byzantine Period in the 14th Century). With some Innovation it could be made also in a Curved Form, more attractive, cheaper with less mistakes and less obtrusive.

The Curved Art lends itself to objects like Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soups, the Gherkin Tower Block and Roy Lichtenstein’s Girl with a Beach Ball. With the Tower Blocks on Copacabana Beach, the flatter angles show up the Promenade, Beach, Sea and Sky in a balanced way, and is less obtrusive.

The Roy’s Gallery and Library is an unusual combination, plus people are shown admiring the artworks, which gives it some realism.

Although most of the Venice Canals are painted as Straight, as I have shown they are mainly Curved.